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Kathy Weaver, CPDT-KA, RFE-CI

Photo Credit: Kathy Kolatski

2014 April-May Class Start Dates

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Fife, WA
New Classes Begin May 1

Skill Building for Rally-FrEe and Musical Freestyle

Musical Freestyle and Rally-FrEe Foundation
(Also Sunday, May 4)

Rally Freestyle Elements (Rally-FrEe)

Musial Freestyle Advanced Moves and Choreography

Four Paw Sports Center
Lynnwood, WA

New Classes Begin April 29

Rally FrEe Skill Building

AKC Rally-O Novice Level

Puppy Perfectors
Seattle, WA
New Classes Begin April 28

K9 Nose Work® Introduction
Starts April 28

K9 Nose Work® Introduction to Odor
Starts June 9

K9 Nose Work® Continuing in Odor
Starts April 28

Class Descriptions

Information About:


K9 Nose Work®

AKC Rally-Obedience

RFE Musical Freestyle

WCFO Canine Musical Freestyle

P2D Canine Musical Freestyle



Private Lessons by Appointment

Email Kathy at for appointment.

Paws-Abilities, Fife, WA (Thursdays and Sundays)

Four Paw Sports Center, Lynnwood, WA (Tuesdays)

Puppy Perfectors, Seattle, WA (Subject to facility availability.)

K9 Fun Zone, Seattle, Fremont Neighborhood (Subject to facility availability.)

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